By: Michele Vincent

Our Linkedin Poll "Do You Think the UAW will Strike Ford?" has officially ended, however, a new collective bargaining agreement has not been ratified as yet. Ford and the UAW have reached a tentative agreement but the membership must vote it in. If the contract is turned down, there is still a possibility that the UAW could strike Ford Motor Company. To see what union members are saying about this proposed contract, check out the the UAW Ford Department's Facebook Page. The fan page was updated with a brief summary of the proposed contract earlier this week because their website,, had been down due to heavy traffic volume. A couple quotes from the update on Tuesday:

"Bottom line is we are lucky to be working in this economy, and no matter what we do it's not going to change Mullaly and mr. Fords bonuses they give themselves, because we don't own the company. If we strike at this point we are just hurting ourselves. When the economy is weak the union is weak. When the economy is strong the union is strong."

"Before taxes VOTE NO. After taxes VOTE NO. No cola, pay raise, the res of the concession's not restored as promised in February of 2009 VOTE NO. You don't like what I post kiss my ass and VOTE NO. The UAW is supposed to be for the hourly workforce not salaried employee's VOTE NO. I guess what I am trying to say is simply this....THIS CONTRACT SUCKS SO EVERYONE PLEASE VOTE NO."

The results of our Linkedin Poll are as follows: YES 30% NO 70%

Not surprisingly, 70% of you believe that the UAW will not strike Ford Motor Company. If you have been following my tweets @MADICORP, you may have noticed there are other Linkedin Polls going on regarding this same subject. One in particular was created by Russell Shostak, Linkedin Group Owner of Automotive Management Professionals. Michael's Poll (still open for voting and comments) may be of interest to you. "How will a UAW Strike against Ford effect the automotive industry?"

Some of the comments on these Linkedin Poll's circulating throughout different Linkedin groups are interesting, so I thought I would share some with you:

"Of coarse they will. The unions job is to have the interests of its members in mind and always work towards getting them more. The more its workers receive the more the union receives. The UAW has shown time and time again that they do not look at the effects their negotiations have on the rest of the country or even the Automotive industry."

"I certainly hope not! It would put Ford at a hiring standstill and that would not be good for the Michigan economy. There would be a lot more jobs on the line then just the unions and it upsets me that the UAW is selfish in that way. Look at all of the "concessions" they have received in comparison the large quantity of the non-union workforce that the OEM's employ. Buy some stock at these dirt cheap prices, let the company make a profit for once and be profitable for a few years, you will receive your reward!"

"Yes I think a strike will happen, I hope I am wrong......The unions are becoming less and less significant today and they need to make a splash...a strike will make that splash. Besides Ford walked away from the stimulous program and that did not make some people happy....."

"If the UAW was "smart" they would not even think about a strike. Ford has done a great job to stay in the game but they "hocked" everything to stay out of court. My experience says the UAW is not smart enough to positively support the company going forward. They have historically been too focused on short term gains and non-productive work rules."

"Unions are a gigantic waste of money and have long outlived their usefulness. If the Ford employees were smart they would realize that their dues aren't actually getting them anything of substance. Its too bad that Ford can't just get rid of the union."

"I believe that this will happen. And the outcome? The general population will be hurt again."

As always, I welcome the conversation to continue here on our Blog - so please feel to leave a comment if you didn't vote in our original Poll!

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