We assist businesses of all types and sizes across the country with their protection every day. It never ceases to amaze us how the “security” mindset has permeated business thinking today. By “security” mindset we mean a couple of things.

First, it’s the idea that you can hire anyone, trained or untrained, usually through a local, regional or national Security company, slap on a uniform and badge and post them somewhere on site and then feel safe.

The second is that companies relate to security as an expense to reduce.

With this thinking in place, we find that many of the facilities we survey have dangerous breakdowns of physical security management with systems that actually increase vulnerabilities to potential threats, not reduce them. Best practice systems are the exception, not the rule, unfortunately.

Here are some examples of what we see all the time:

Fence & Gate Systems that are poorly maintained or installed, with gaps, holes, broken “fabric” or overgrown with brush. Some fences have posts that are loose, misaligned gates and even gate arms that are too short and easily breached.

Surveillance Camera Systems that are unmonitored and inadequately or improperly designed with equipment that either doesn’t or can’t provide the coverage needed.

Exterior Light Systems that are not functioning properly can actually empower persons to enter company property undetected for the purposes of theft, violence, or other illegal acts under the cover of darkness.

Overall, most of the “systems” we see were assembled in piecemeal fashion overseen by multiple managers often over many years with the net result of wasted capital assets and systems that don’t fulfill their intended purpose.

Does this sound familiar to you?

What do you see?

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