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Dispute Mediation Services, Labor Dispute Resolution Mediators, Business Resumption

Dispute Mediation and Resolution Consultants

With any dispute mediation, coming to an equitable and quick resolution is paramount for both the union and management team. MADI can assist your organization in thoroughly preparing itself to respond to the dispute from a position of strength.

However, the situation is inherently divisive and combative-on one side you have grievances filed by the union against the organization and on the other side you have management who has obligations to shareholders and customers to provide a product and make a profit.

Contributing Factors to a Work Stoppage:
  • Contract interpretation disputes
  • Employee bargaining for wage and employment benefits
  • Discipline disputes

A major, or even minor, grievance can have substantial effects on employee morale, customer service, and company profits due to a work stoppage.

Benefit From Our Expertise

However, before a union labor issue occurs, MADI can assist your organization in thoroughly preparing itself to respond to the dispute from a position of strength. So when your management team enters into dispute mediation, they have the confidence and peace of mind knowing they have a plan that will lead to a favorable outcome.

MADI has served companies in a wide range of industries around the United States from beverage distributors to large metal processing operations since the early 1990’s. Hundreds of these organizations have avoided strike situations because of the expertise MADI provided in developing their Business Continuity Plans.

Effective Labor Management

Effectively facilitating the settlement of labor-management disputes is key, and the process of dispute mediation involves:

  • Systematically isolating the disputed issue

  • Considering and weighing alternatives involved in the labor mediation

  • Reaching an agreement that accommodates both parties

Effectively Avoid A Work Stoppage

In avoiding a work stoppage scenario, it’s in the best interest of both the union and management to pursue a speedy labor mediation process which will ensure that conflict is mitigated, and that there are minimal disruptions to the organization.